24 Hour Rental – Green Window 2 by 3 ft


High-quality matte printed food and product styling backdrops.

Available sizes – 2 by 3 ft

Image 1- Maneet


Special note for Rentals:

  • 24 hours pickup and return to be taken care by the customer
  • In case, we are to drop / pickup – The charges are extra and not covered in the mentioned cost
  • Advance payment to be done for all the props that are rented
  • Caution deposit is to be paid for Printed / Painted Backdrops – This is to cover any damages during the rental periods

Deposit on Printed Backdrops – 500 INR

Deposit on Painted Backdrops – 1000 INR


High-quality matte printed food and product styling backdrops.

How are they made?
Each backdrop is a reproduction of a piece of art from our veteran backdrop artists team in the form of print on canvas. The print is of high quality, 100 percent matte. The material used is a kind of canvas.

Can we get customised backdrops?
Yes. Please email us with requirements. Additional charges apply based on efforts required.

When can I get my order?
We start printing Backdrops on your order placement, while we have a few of them ready to be shipped. It takes 2 days to print the backdrop from the date of order placement. We will update you via email in case there is going to be a delay.

How do I store them?
Roll and store them in PVC pipes or tubes that we ship in.

How do I care for them?

  1. When used as floor-drop, kindly wear socks to avoid stains and specks of dirt.
  2. When used as a backdrop, please hang them on a backdrop stand with clips. Do not wash them or fold them. Always roll and store them.
  3. In case of wrinkles, tightly roll them and store overnight. It should be fine the next day.
  4. In case of any dirt or stains, GENTLY wipe them with damp cloth, Strictly no washing or soap liquids to be used.


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